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Best Electrician Wire Stripping Tool of 2022

Don’t confuse wire strippers with wire cutters or wire crimpers. A wire stripper is a tool by which we can remove insulation from the wire. There are two kinds of wire stripping tools available in the present market: Automotive Wire Stripper and Manual Wire Stripper.

We sometimes use knives to remove wire insulation instead of wire stripping tools. This process doesn’t need any modern tools; you can use a knife or regular pliers. But if you do that, you will realize that wire can be damaged by using knives or pliers to remove insulation. That’s why we recommend a wire stripping tool.

We’ve made a list of the best wire strippers according to our expert electrician’s recommendation. Continue reading next to know what we have on our list; our buying guide will help you resolve your stress to find the best item.

Different Types Of Wire Strippets

There are various types of wire strippers available in the present market. It would be best to consider the classes based on what you need to buy.

  • Adjustable Wire Stripper: A flexible wire stripper is a simple design, with a single notch in each blade.
  • Gauged Stripper: In gauged stripper, you don’t need any adjustment, so it’s easy to use.
  • Self-adjusting Stripper: Self-adjusting strippers are automatic, spring-loaded, and adjustable stripping depth with a slider.
  • Gauged Automatic Wire Stripper: Gauged automatic wire stripper has a self-adjusting head.
  • Wire Stripper and Cutter: There is some wire stripper that also works as a wire cutter.

Consider These Before Buying a Wire Stripper

As we are buying a wire stripper, instead of using a pocket knife, teeth, hand, or anything for stripping off the insulation from the wire, we must consider some important and must follow tips before buying a wire stripper. People suggest different tips. But here I’m going to share the most important three points that you should consider.

  • Types: You know how you will use your wire stripper. Think again and choose the best type of wire stripper that you need.
  • Grip: Check the wire stripper that how the grip is with it. The grip will protect you from electricity.
  • Construction: Based on your work, your convenience, choose the best-constructed wire stripper that is handy and easy to use.

Our Top Picks Of Best Wire Strippers in 2021

Considering the price, user reviews, product quality, and other things, we have listed the best 3 wire strippers. I will try to share some basics of those wire strippers and clarify why we have selected and added those to our top picks.

IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripper

If you are not a professional electrician either, the IRWIN Vise-Grip wire stripper would be the best choice. This is a super tool as a wire stripper that can strip 10-22 gauge wire, both insulated and non-insulated.

Price: 8,150 (Approx)


  • Can strip 10-22 gauge insulated and non-insulated wire.
  • Has swivel knob micro-adjusts features.
  • Brand: IRWIN (Taiwan).
  • Weight: 340 Grams.
  • Size: 8 inches.
IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripper
IRWIN Vise-Grip Wire Stripper

Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Stripper

Klein Tools 11055 wire cutter and stripper works both as a wire cutter and a wire stripper. This tool is considered the best pick in the mid-range budget. It has a strong-gripping serrated nose that will help to bend, shape, and pull wire more quickly than other wire stripper tools.

Price: 6,100 (Approx)


  • Can cuts, strips, and loops 10-18 gauge insulated and non-insulated wire.
  • Brand: Klein.
  • Weight:154 Grams.
  • Size: 9 inches.
Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Stripper
Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter and Stripper

Dowell 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper

Dowell 10-22 AWG wire stripper is the #3 on our list. This tool was made with PP+TPR material to give you a comfortable hand feeling. Because of its thermoplastic rubber handle material, Dowell 10-22 AWG is also best for working with wet and oily hands.

Price: 1,349 (Approx)


  • Can strip copper and aluminum cables from 10-22 gauge.
  • Made of stainless steel with thermoplastic rubber handle material.
  • Brand: DOWELL.
  • Weight: 120 Grams.
  • Size: 7 inches.
Dowell 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper
Dowell 10-22 AWG Wire Stripper

Final Words

The wire stripper listed here in this article is the coolest and unlimited handy to complete your work with it. These three are our suggestions and recommendation for you guys. I believe that those are my best picks based on a medium budget and high budget.

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