WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge Process Online 2022

The government has committed to access electricity for all citizens across the country by 2021. To achieve this goal, the government extends the electricity supply through some distributing companies. West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited is one of them. This company performed all of its activities under the act of 1994.

West Zone Power Distribution Company was established in November 2002. WZPDCL company distributes electricity in Barisal Division, Khulna Division,  and Greater Faridpur. 21 Districts and 20 Upazilla, excluding the REB (Rural Electrification Board) area are under the West Zone Power Distribution Company. The vast areas of people are benefited from this power distribution company. All the power distribution companies in Bangladesh are autonomous.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge Online Process

At present, this time, Prepaid Meter gets popular with all. It is straightforward to use. How much electricity you used, it charged the right proportional costs. If you do not use electricity, you may not charge. Prepaid Meter means to buy electricity before using it with the same proportion of the amount of money.

Assume, at midnight or a critical moment, you have consumed the last amount of electricity when you needed it most, and you do not have enough time or place your top-up on your WZPDCL prepaid meter manually. What do you do this time? Don’t worry. You can top-up your prepaid meter through the online process at your home. Many kinds of online processes are available. Step by step, narrates it below.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge Online By bKash

First, install the bKash app and ensure you have enough money to pay your electricity prepaid meter bill. The process of WZPDCL prepaid meter recharge by bkash is given below.

  • Enter your bKash app, and select the Bill Pay option.
  • Tap Electricity and then select West Zone (prepaid).
  • Enter the Customer Number and Contact Number.
  • Enter the amount of the bill.
  • Check your bill information.
  • Enter your bKash account PIN.
  • Tap and hold the red button.
  • Get a confirmation SMS.

You can also recharge your WZPDCL prepaid meter by dialing bKash USSD. The process is:

  1. Dial *247#
  2. Reply 6 to Pay Bill.
  3. Then reply 1 to pay the Electricity Prepaid Meter bill.
  4. Reply 6 to recharge the WZPDCL prepaid meter.
  5. Reply 1 to Bill Breakdown and reply 2 to Make Payment.
  6. Then reply 1 to Input New Meter Number or 2 to pay the saved account’s bill.
  7. Enter the amount and your bKash PIN, and save your account if you want.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge Through GPay

GPay has the option to pay electricity bills. You can recharge your WZPDCL prepaid meter using your GPay account. If your GPay has not had enough money, then you recharge it first. The system of GPay recharge is given below.

  • Install your GPay app on your mobile and open it.
  • You need to refill your GPay account by bkash, rocket, or any other mobile banking medium as much as you need to buy electricity.
  • Enter your mobile banking number, which is used to refill your wallet.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Submit your SMS security code and press the GO button.

 The prepaid meter recharge method using GPay is given below.

  • Select Electricity Prepaid.
  • Select WZPDCL (prepaid).
  • Enter the meter number and amount.
  • Submit with your wallet PIN.
  • Then you get a 20-digit token number.
  • Then you type on your meter this 20-digit token number.
  • Finally, push the RED button on your meter.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge By Ok Wallet

Some people use OK Wallet to pay online payments and bills. If you are one, install and open the Ok Wallet app. Then follow the steps which are given below:

  • Tap the Utility icon.
  • Select Westzone (Prepaid).
  • Enter the Meter Number, Amount, OK Wallet PIN, and tap on the PAY option.
  • Get a Token Number with a receipt of a successful transaction.

Finally, the consumer must input the Token Number on the WZPDCL prepaid meter and push the red button. The work is successfully done.

Recharge by Ok Wallet by dialing USSD:

Through OK Wallet, you can also use the USSD code to recharge WZPDCL prepaid meter.

  • Dial *269#
  • Dial 3 for the Payment option.
  • Dial 2 for Utility Bill.
  • Dial 6 to select Westzone (WZPDCL) option.
  • Dial 1 to select Prepaid Meter.
  • Enter Meter No. And Amount.
  • Dial 1 (Yes) to agree to pay.
  • Submit ok wallet PIN.
  • The customer will receive a Token Number.

Consumer input the Token Number on the WZPDCL Prepaid Meter and push the red button. After that, the work is completed.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Recharge Using Mobile SIM

Now only Robi/GP users can pay both prepaid and post-paid bills of WZPDCL. For this, you have to use GPay. Using GPay to pay the WZPDCL bill has been given above that. You may have already read it.

WZPDCL Prepaid Meter Codes

This blog is for you if you don’t know the WZPDCL prepaid meter codes. We try to give some must-needed codes of the WZPDCL prepaid meter for readers’ purposes. These are used daily.

WZPDCL prepaid meter shortcut codes are straightforward to use, and this code makes up the system more comfortable and user-friendly. So, some important codes are given below. WZPDCL prepaid meter bill check code, WZPDCL prepaid meter emergency balance check code, and other important codes are given below:

  1. Total uses of electricity dial 800.
  2. Current balance dial 801.
  3. Meter number dial 804.
  4. Uses of present month electricity dial 814.
  5. Previous recharge day dial 815.
  6. Previous recharge time dial 816.
  7. Amount of the previous recharge dial 817.
  8. Uses an amount of the previous month’s electricity dial 820.
  9. Value of present tariff dial 886.
  10. Present token serial no. Dial 889.
  11. Uses of the present month amount dial 922.
  12. Uses of the previous month’s amount dial 923.

These shortcodes make your life comfortable, and operate your meter easily. Be careful when you type codes. Do not do this with children. If you face any problems, please notify us we will try to help you. Take care of your health. Thank you.

Prepaid metering is the best choice for some people who use a minimal load. WZPDCL Prepaid meter recharge process was followed. There are some more ways available through which you can recharge your prepaid meter.

We will add all the processes of the WZPDCL prepaid meter recharge later in this article. We hope your work will be done already if you follow this article. Let us know if any misleading information you found in this article.


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